Different types of Himalayan handcrafted items

are the specialty of the people. They spend most of their day making different types of handcrafted products out of stone, , wools, and many more.

Stone Crafts

Stone Crafts in dates back to at least two thousand years. Different earpieces, armlets, bracelets, anklets, styles of halos, folds of garments, manners of the sash, and many others are the distinguishing features that classify the variety of found in stone sculptures.

Bamboo and wooden products

and wooden products are also the handicraft good found in Himalayan regions. These kinds of items are exported to the Western and European market. Different forms of like wooden , jewelry and watches, wooden beaded necklaces, herb grinder, boxes, fournitures and other decorative items.

Thanka & Mandala paintings

are the on the or   deity. These kinds of stuff are mostly made by the residing in the and the . Thanka is a Nepali form of art exported to by princess , married to Sron Tsan Gampo, the then ruler of Tibet.

Dhaka Products

Dhaka Products

Dhaka Products

Dhaka Products: For centuries, people from Nepal’s eastern and western development regions have woven the unique, pure cotton cloth known as Dhaka. Still produced by handloom and using designs, modern-day Dhaka is used to create everything from saris, shirts, and shawls to , handkerchiefs and table mats. The colorful designs have become one of Nepal’s most recognizable .

Handmade Paper Products

Handmade Paper Products

Handmade Products

Handmade Paper Products are precious from the Himalayan region. Most of the paper product is made out of the  Nepali Paper called “Lokta.” Lokta paper is a wildcrafted, handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal. These papers were used from the very beginning when it was used to write epic tales, to print for use in , and for texts chanted by .



Tapestries: Different kinds o ranging from the to paintings of the , temples, etc are made in Nepal and exported worldwide. There are also other of it kinds like the pillow, . These Himalayan tapestries make your wall colorful and .



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