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He was born out of flower (the means ) in the lake of Dhankasha in Udiayana, an city of . He earned a great fame as the powerful exorcist and was invited by to come to to subdue evil opponents through his charms and spells. He is depicted as seated on a lotus blossom. His is flesh-colored but his expressions are varied. He wears a magical folded red hat and is always shown with a mustache. He holds a (Dorjee) in his right hand and a skull cup (patra) with a vase of immortality (ambrosia).

Who is ?

Padmasambhava was the most powerful apostle of Tantricism. He is a very eminent saint in the spiritual lineage of the Nyingmapa order of and was, in fact, the founder of Nyingmapa.

He carries a staff (khatvanga) surmounted with a trident in the fold of his left arm. Reciting his can dispel all negative forces and protects you from obstacles.

Padmasambhava Mantra

The mantra of Padmasambhava is AH HUM VAJRA PADMA HUU.

Siddham Mantra of Padmasambhava

Siddham Mantra of Padmasambhava used in Practices

Tibetan Uchen mantra of Padmasambhava

Uchen Mantra of Padmasambhava


om ah hum va jra gu ru pa dma si ddhi hum

om ah hum Vajra guru Padma siddhi hum

What is the meaning of Padmasambhava Mantra?


  • Om – Not only can Om be considered to be the of the five pearls of , but it can also be reflective of an awareness of the surrounding . It is used at the start of many and should be considered to mean “My and heart are open to the truths that follow.”
  • Ah – Ah is often thought to be connected with speech, but can also be thought to mean “to signify” or “to express.” This is suggestive of evoking the true manifestation of .
  • Hum – Hum is often thought to represent the true manifestation of enlightenment by the sentient being.
  • Vajra – This is thought to be representative of the energy that the holds. It can be shown as a thunderbolt or a diamond, with the idea that these two objects can cut through anything. It is also representative of .
  • Guru – Guru is, of course, representative of a wise and teacher. Padmasambhava is held in such high esteem by those who revere him that he is very often referred to as being the .
  • Padma – the Padma is representative of , which calls to mind the pureness and wholesomeness of an enlightened mind. This is due to the lotus’s ability to grow purely in muddy , just like the enlightened mind is surrounded by delusions, , and found in the sentient world.
  • Siddhi – This is the term used to represent an accompliment.

What are the benefits of the Padmasambhava Mantra?

Padmasambhava Mantra help to purify negative and create the causes for . It also helps you to increase wisdom and compassion by overcoming obstacles. One can to develop their own and to deepen their understanding of the by chanting Padmasambhava matra.

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