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        The Vajra Nadi governs the urogenital organs. The practice of Vajroli Mudra activates the Vajra Nadi and improves the health of the urinary and reproductive system.
        The Vajra Nadi also influences the digestive system. It helps to improve digestion.
        Inside the Sushumna Nadi (the central energy channel or meridian), there are three nadis – The Vajra Nadi, The Chitrini Nadi, and the Brahma Nadi. Vajra Nadi is the outer channel among the three. Activating the Vajra Nadi sublimates the sexual energy. The energy raises up and reaches the brain improving clarity, splendor, intellectual ability, creativity, vigor, and health of the practitioner.
        Vajroli Mudra helps to preserve sexual fluids. One can remain sexually young even in old age. Monks and Brahmacharis can use this mudra to sublimate their sexual energy totally; while householders can use it to get control over ejaculation during sexual intercourse, thereby maintaining their sexual potency even in old age. If you sublimate your sexual energy completely, you become an Urdhvaretas. This gives great spiritual and physical benefits, including attainment of Siddhis or supernatural powers.
        Maintaining sexual potency prevents erectile dysfunction that effects most males after a certain age.
        Vajroli Mudra also prevents premature ejaculation in males.
        Sublimating the sexual energy also helps in an awakening of the Kundalini.
        For advanced yogis, a practice of Vajroli Mudra helps in the perfection of Kechari Mudra, one of the potent mudra practices to attain higher stages of consciousness.
        Vajroli Mudra can clear all sexual blocks in man. For most men, it is difficult for the Kundalini Shakti to raise beyond the Swadhistana Chakra because of mental pre-conditioning, blocks, and perversions in handling their sex energy. The practice of Vajroli removes these blocks and the energy can go up effortlessly. Vajroli mudra can be a great help in the spiritual evolution of man.
        The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that anyone who can preserve his Bindu or semen can overcome death as well as the aging process. Siva Samhita too says that Vajroli gives Bindu Siddhi or mastery over semen.
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      I am interested to learn vajroli mudra. Can you please guide me where I can learn.

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