Buddhist Painting Coloring Book

Buddhist Painting Coloring Book

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Buddhist Painting Coloring Book contains 22 Buddhist deities figures from compassionate deities to humble abbots to wise arhats.

Coloring books are great fun for children and adults. Religious coloring books also help adults meditate on the beauty of their faith and help children learn it.

Buddhist coloring books also help visualize the Buddha and other Buddhist deities, which are a part of Buddhist meditation – at least in some Buddhist traditions like Tibetan Buddhism.

Whether you want to give away a Buddhist coloring book because you feel a child should know about Buddhism, or because you feel an adult would love it, these are the best Buddhist Coloring books I could find.

The twenty-two pictures in this coloring book depict many figures important in Buddhism, from compassionate deities (gods) to humble abbots (heads of monasteries) to wise arhats (disciples of the Buddha entrusted with propagating and protecting Buddhist beliefs).

The original artworks are shown on the inside covers. When you color the pictures, you can follow the colors used in the original works or choose your own. The last page of the book is blank, for you to draw your own spiritual guide. Would it be a person from your school or place of worship? Or perhaps an imaginary being who watches out for you?


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