1,000-Year-Old Buddhist Archaeological Site of Pilak
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1,000-Year-Old Buddhist Archaeological Site of Pilak

The Tripura government in northeastern is pushing Pilak, a archaeological site that dates back 1,000 years, as part of a spiritual and cultural tourism circuit.

The site, located in Jolaibari in South Tripura District, is part of a cluster of Buddhist and sites at the tri-border area of Tripura, Bangladesh (formerly East Bengal), and Myanmar’s Rakhine State (formerly Arakan).

“It is a famous tourist spot in [South Tripura] which is visited by people from different parts of the country,” said the director of the State Tourism Department, T. K. Das. “We have created an archaeological tourist circuit, including Chhabimura and Udaipur in Gomati District, and Pilak in South Tripura District. There is a package tour connecting the three sites.” Hindustan


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