Pilgrimage of Peace - Buddhist Monks' Journey from Florida to New York
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Buddhist Monks’ pilgrimage of peace from Florida to New York

In a remarkable display of dedication to and non-, a group of led by 62-year-old Phra Sutham Nateetong is nearing the culmination of their walking pilgrimage across the United States. Starting from Key West, Florida, on March 31st, the have covered over 2,775 kilometers of their journey, aiming to conclude at Niagara Falls, New York, on June 30th.

Their daily trek of approximately kilometers has taken them through cities like Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, DC, where they have engaged with local communities, held sessions, and participated in discussions on the importance of harmony.

Phra Sutham, a revered figure known for previous peace walks across various countries, emphasizes unity and collective effort in achieving peace.

Alongside local and peace organizations, the have received widespread support, including logistical assistance and accommodations from both devotees and non-Buddhist citizens.

Despite encountering challenges such as physical exertion and weather conditions, the monks remain steadfast in their mission.

Their pilgrimage centuries-old Buddhist traditions of walking to spread and embody devotion.

As they approach their final destination, a ceremonial welcome at Niagara Falls awaits, promising to be a poignant culmination of their inspiring journey advocating for peace and understanding in today’s world.


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