Compassion's Power - Transforming Prisons and Lives
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Compassion’s Power – Transforming Prisons and Lives

In this talk Venerable shares insights drawn from her extensive experience in prison outreach.

Reflecting on her involvement, she recounts the historical context of Oklahoma State Penitentiary, established in 1908 amidst a troubling legacy of inmate mistreatment.

This was challenged by Kate Barnard, Oklahoma’s pioneering Commissioner of Charities and Corrections, who implemented reforms to improve conditions and humanize the prison system.

Thubten Jigme highlights the transformative impact of within correctional settings, citing the exemplary influence of individuals like Chaplain Luchi at Airway Heights Correctional Facility.

Through personal encounters, she illustrates how Chaplain Luchi’s compassionate approach significantly reduced and enhanced well-being among inmates.

Additionally, Thubten Jigme shares a compelling narrative of personal transformation fueled by compassion and altruism.

Emphasizing compassion’s capacity to transcend such as , she encourages listeners to prioritize compassion in their daily lives.

By fostering connections and promoting positive change, Thubten Jigme underscores compassion as a potent force for and fostering resilience, even in challenging environments.


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