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From chaos to calm – The power of mindfulness and meditation

This Podcast from Kadam Adam could be the most useful, accessible, and experiential one he has created so far, which is a huge statement.

The dialogue provides a beneficial summary of how , , and can assist us in dealing with the difficulties we all face in life, regardless of whether the listener is a or not.

Adam Kadam also leads a 15-minute meditation session at the conclusion! He explains why he enjoys hosting these Podcasts.

I guess the essence of it has always been just this simple, ongoing conversation with individuals and organizations about how daily meditation practice and learning to live more consciously with wisdom and compassion in everyday life can have a profoundly beneficial impact on our own peace of mind, happiness, and well being, but also have a really profoundly positive impact on the people in the world around us. So for me, it’s just a conversation really.


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