Pema Chödrön's special online talk for Mangala Shri Bhuti
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Pema Chödrön’s special online talk for Mangala Shri Bhuti

The esteemed monastic, author, and teacher Ani will deliver a special talk on July 18, 2024.

This event is part of the Summer Seminar held at the retreat center in Ward, Colorado, organized by Mangala Shri Bhuti, the of her teacher, .

Mangala Shri Bhuti announced, “Ani Pema will speak on a topic from the Buddhist , with funds raised from her talk supporting our activities.”

Mangala Shri Bhuti, a non-profit organization led by Dzigar Kongtrul , is affiliated with the Longchen Nyingtik tradition of the Nyingma lineage of .

With its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and centers worldwide, it offers programs for studying and practicing the .

The Nyingma Summer Seminar, a significant annual event for MSB students, will feature teachings on the Three Yanas of by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dungse Jampal Norbu, and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel.

Ani Pema’s talk will be held in the on July 18, followed by Kongtrul Rinpoche’s afternoon session, for which separate registration is required.


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