Pomnyun Sunim's wisdom on happiness and where to find it
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Pomnyun Sunim’s wisdom on happiness and where to find it

In Venerable ’s book, “,” the notion that originates from within is emphasized.

Pomnyun advocates for cultivating positive and to foster happiness.

He suggests discarding negative perceptions and nurturing positive ones, such as viewing loved ones in a favorable light.

Pomnyun underscores the importance of personal introspection, encouraging individuals to acknowledge and rectify negative tendencies.

By focusing on inner growth and repentance for past errors, one can pave the way for lasting happiness.

A key insight highlighted is the fallacy of seeking happiness through external factors, such as others’ behavior.

Pomnyun asserts that true happiness stems from self-reliance and , independent of external circumstances.

The path to sustainable happiness, Pomnyun suggests, involves choices that benefit both oneself and others.

By aligning actions with this principle, individuals can cultivate a sense of fulfillment and contentment that transcends fleeting pleasures.

Ultimately, Pomnyun advocates for a shift in focus from external validation to internal transformation, emphasizing the profound impact of personal growth on overall well-being.


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