Shackleton's trans-antarctic expedition in Buddhist context
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Shackleton’s trans-antarctic expedition in Buddhist context

In this presentation, Venerable closely analyzes the striking similarities between Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and the profound principles of ’s Endeavor in .

Thubten Losang highlights Shackleton’s unwavering determination to ensure the survival of his crew amidst the treacherous Antarctic conditions, akin to the Bodhisattva’s commitment to attaining and liberating all beings from .

Thubten Losang expands on the significance of integrating daily acts of service, , and into the journey towards Enlightenment, in addition to Shackleton’s leadership.

Despite facing setbacks and afflictions reminiscent of those encountered on the expedition, Thubten Losang underscores the importance of perseverance towards .

Additionally, the discussion explores the fundamental idea of the initial Noble Truth in Buddhism, recognizing the widespread suffering present in and the necessity for salvation.

Thubten Losang urges compassionate viewing of all beings, drawing parallels between the Bodhisattva’s journey to rescue others and individuals’ efforts to overcome afflictions and achieve enlightenment.

Through insightful reflections on Shackleton’s expedition and , Thubten Losang encourages practitioners to navigate life’s challenges with fortitude, , and a steadfast commitment to .


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