The books that transformed Meghan Sweet's spiritual journey
Dharma Realm Buddhist University

The books that transformed Meghan Sweet’s spiritual journey

, the Director of University Relations at (DRBU), shared her experiences in an interview with Sara Connell for Authority Magazine.

Meghan, who has been an integral part of DRBU’s core-text liberal program since 2018, revealed how a particular book has significantly influenced her life.

Throughout the interview, Meghan emphasized the transformative power of books, particularly those written by female spiritual cultivators.

She highlighted “Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Nuns” by Beata Grant and “Mae Chee Kaew: Her Journey to Spiritual & ” compiled by Dick Sīlaratano, as pivotal in shaping her understanding and appreciation of .

These texts provided her with role models who exemplified deep spiritual commitment and inner authority, encouraging her own journey of .

Meghan Sweet’s educational at DRBU is deeply intertwined with these inspirations.

She promotes a dynamic classroom environment where students engage with texts from various traditions, fostering a dialogic learning process that her own transformative educational experiences.

Meghan’s pedagogical approach is rooted in , particularly the four -Viharas, loving-, , sympathetic , and guiding her in creating a supportive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere.

Through her , Meghan aims to perpetuate traditions, ensuring they remain vibrant and relevant in contemporary education.

Her story underscores the enduring impact of literature in personal and professional , illustrating how books can catalyze inner and outer transformations.


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