Unleashing the Mind's Potential - Thubten Wangdu on Saka Dawa
Tushita Meditation Centre

Unleashing the Mind’s Potential – Thubten Wangdu on Saka Dawa

In talk Venerable explores on the immense capacity of the human and its potential to end .

Wangdu emphasizes that suffering arises from misunderstanding our minds and acting under the influence of disturbing emotions.

The ultimate goal is full or perfect mental .

Wangdu compares the mind to a , innately clear but often obscured by and habits.

Through and the development of positive mental states such as , , , , , and generosity, these obstacles can be removed.

Wangdu highlights the concept of , comparing it to a dirty mirror that needs cleaning or a seed that needs nourishing.

Enlightenment is believed to already exist within us, temporarily obscured by confusion.

Wangdu encourages the dedication of positive energy from discussions to developing a kind and open heart, aiming to bring kindness and love into the world and help all beings realize their inner potential.

The lessons emphasize that by consistently practicing and being brave, one can achieve inner and , in accordance with the Buddhist journey to eliminate suffering and reach Enlightenment.


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