Reseller Program

Welcome to the Mandalas Life Reseller Program.


If you are the owner of a shop, showroom or art gallery interested in supplying handcrafted mandalas and thangka paintings from Nepal to your customers, then you are in the right place.


All our products are available for reselling based on the following discounts:

Reseller Coupon Volume excluding shipping cost Discount
RESELLER_10 from $100 10%
RESELLER_15 from $300 15%
RESELLER_20 from $1,000 20%
RESELLER_25 from $5,000 25%
RESELLER_30 from $10,000 30%


Use the appropriate Reseller Coupon during the checkout to obtain a discount.


Populate your gallery with paintings from our stock

Another option is we populate your gallery with paintings from our stock and one of our local partners in Bhaktapur, Changu Narayan, and Kathmandu. You tell us your total budget, the type and size of paintings you want and we will make sure that you get as many paintings as possible always with the best quality. With the same amount of money, you will get more paintings waiting to be exposed and faster than commissioned orders.

If the product is in stock we will ship within 10 to 15 days and if not it will take 20 to 30 days to produce a similar product and ship it to your place.


If you have any questions regarding this program we would be more than happy to attend you by email or phone.


We look forward to doing business with you.


Kind Regards,

The Mandalas Life Team