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Black Mahakala Statue Real Gold and Thangka Color

All about Wisdom Protector – Mahakala

is a male deity. He is the protector deity known as a in , especially most traditions, in Tangmi and in Japanese Esoteric . Maha literally translates as great and Kala signifies or death, hence Mahakala means “beyond the time” or “Great Black One“. Mahakala is a protector deity and specifically the primary Protector of and . In some cases, Mahakala can also be .

Two Armed Mahakala Thangka

Two Armed Mahakala Thangka is handpainted on cotton canvas in Nepal. The size of this Thangka Painting is 65*50cm. Dorje Bernagchen (also Bernakchen) or two-armed Mahakala is the main protector of the Gyalwa Karmapas. ‘Black Cloak Mahakala arises from the Revealed Treasure tradition of the Nyingmapa School. Although many forms of Mahakala appear attired in long flowing garments, black or otherwise, this protector is named ‘Bernagchen’ – Black Cloak Mahakala, and is particularly associated with the Karma .

36 measurements of Tibetan Buddhism figures

This 18th-century essay drawing is similar in content to the photographic measurements. The so-called “image measurement” is the scale of the ’s human and the scale of the figure. This may be a reference guide for the of Buddha statues in or in the 18th century. It contains 36 detailed and the text is in . The representation of the figure is not fabricated out of thin . .
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6 Places to Buy Thangka and Mandala Paintings Online

This article compares the top websites that are providing and Online. The article will compare the websites on the basis of price, , place where the is painted, , etc by providing detailed information about the websites vision, mission, and goals. What are the best websites to buy Thangka and ? Thangka and is a  and used for , decoration, to pray and so on.  Thangka is .