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The lineage of empowerments begins with Machik Labdron and passes on via Khugom Chökyi Senge, Dölpa Zangtal, Gyanak Cherbu, Sangye Raptön, Zalmo Depa Sherap, Sumpa Gomchen, Dringom Tokme, and the 3rd Gyalwang Rangjung Dorje. From there on onwards there is a continuous transmission lineage within the Kamtshang tradition to the present day.

Machik Labdron and Chod Refuge

Depicting the Painting of Machik Labdron and Chod Refuge

This is mid-20th-century of Machik Labdron and the Chod refuge field displaying teachers and deities. Painting Chart N°1  Asaṅga was “one of the most important spiritual figures” of and the “founder of the Yogacara school”. Traditionally, he and his half-brother are regarded as the major classical Indian exponents of Mahayana , Vijñanavada (awareness only) thought and Mahayana on path. N°2 The lineage of .