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Lobsang Pelden Tenpe Dronme was a clergyman of the School of and the 7th . He was the highest person of in Inner Mongolia and the fourth highest of Tibetan Buddhism in general. He supported the Kuomintang and accompanied the Republic of Government to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War in 1949. He was awarded titles by the Kuomintang and also received living expenses until his death.

Tsongkhapa Lobsang Drakpa

Well-known Lamas in Tibetan Buddhism

is a title for a teacher of the Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism. The name is similar to the Sanskrit term guru, meaning "heavy one", endowed with qualities the student will eventually embody. The Tibetan word "Lama" means "highest principle", and less literally "highest mother" or "highest parent" to show close relationship between teacher and student. This is a list of some well-known Lamas in Tibetan .