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Lopon is a spiritual degree given in equal to M. A.

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white tara mandala

Tara – The Female Buddha

is actually the perfection of , and she is the mother of all the , , Shravakas, and Pratyeka Buddhas. This wisdom is actually beyond any or signs or descriptions. But out of great , in order to help sentient beings, she appears in a physical form that is the Tara. The word Tara means “Saviour” or “One Who Saves”. Why Tara is called as the female Buddha? There are male and .

The Padmasambhava Mantra Banner

OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM (Tibetan: , Rinpoche, Pema Jungne) was the most powerful apostle of Tantricism. He is a very eminent saint in the spiritual lineage of Nyingmapa order of Tibetan and was, in fact, the founder of Nyingmapa. He was born out of lotus flower (the Padma means lotus-born) in the lake of Dhankasha in Udiayana, an city of India. He earned a great .
Kalachakra Mandala

Kalachakra – Mandala and Stupas around the world

Kalacakra in a Yi-dam( protector) who turns . Kalacakra is the title of a in one of the divisions of the . It is possible that Kalacakra is a personification of that work. Kalacakra is usually as a with four head on each of which is the . He may have twelve or twenty-four arms but never has more than two legs. In his Yi-dam form, he is .