About Mondop

The mondop is a building form in traditional Thai religious architecture featuring a square or cruciform building with a usually pointed roof. In the narrow sense, it refers to an enclosed square building with a roughly pyramidal, multi-tiered roof culminating in a tall pointed spire, with a roof structure very similar to the smaller busabok. In the wider sense, the term may refer to religious buildings following a wide range of architectural styles, including historical structures more closely reflecting the Indic mandapa, from which they are likely derived.
Ubosot of Wat Nimmanoradi, Bangkok

Buddhist art & architecture in Thailand

is the and architecture of Buddhist temples in Thailand. Temples are known as wats, from the Pāḷi vāṭa, meaning "enclosure." A temple has an enclosing wall that divides it from the secular world. Wat architecture adheres to consistent principles. A wat, with few exceptions, consists of two parts: the Phutthawat and the Sangkhawat. Thai Theravada Buddhism and Hindu cultures merged, and Hindu elements were introduced into Thai iconography. Popular figures .

Top 50 Buddhist Temples in Thailand

The main in Thailand is . is practiced by more than 95% of the population in Thailand. There are around 30,000 in Thailand. Thailand is a country and the here play a very active part in everyday life. Thai’s come to them to pray to for things such as or , they also come to make merit and speak with the . The structures themselves have .