Tibetan Tiger Rug

Tibetan Tiger Rug

This category contains the highest quality Tibetan tiger Carpet hand-knotted by Tibetan Artisan in Nepal with different sizes and designs.

Pure Tibetan wool is used to knot the carpets. The wool is dyed, carded, and spun, and then woven using the unique Tibetan knot.

Tibetan tiger has an old tradition among Tibetan rugs and is something special. Originally they were a privilege for high-ranking lamas and for the aristocracy.

Tiger in Tibetan Buddhists symbolizes unconditional confidence, disciplined awareness and modesty. Resting in a gentle state of being that has a natural sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Bringing home carpets with the Tiger symbol symbolizes fulfillment and satisfaction in the family.

This carpet is traditionally hand-knotted by highly skilled Tibetan carpet weavers on traditional vertical looms. Woven with 100 knots per square inch, It can take a skilled carpet weaver on average of 2- 4 months to weave a rug depending upon its size.

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