Way to Heaven Thangka Painting

Way to heaven is also called a way to enlightenment thangka painting.
These are deeply symbolic thanka.

The texts from which this illustration are shown, a long period of deep study of full understanding.

The way to Heaven is also known as a way to Nirvana. Way to heaven gives deeply symbolic meaning and explanation of the path to enlightenment.

The way to heaven consists of different symbols which have different meanings. This illustration of the development of mental tranquility is often painted on monastery walls.

This mnemonic diagram depicts the nine progressive stages of mental development, which are obtained through the six powers of study, contemplation, memory, comprehension, diligence, and perfection.

Beginning at the start of the path in the lower right, the diagram shows a monk chasing, binding, leading, and subduing an elephant whose color progresses from black to white.

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