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  • Buddhist Painting Coloring Book

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    Buddhist Painting Coloring Book contains 22 Buddhist deities figures from compassionate deities to humble abbots to wise arhats.

  • Buddhist Art in India

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    Buddhist Art in India was written by Grünwedel, Albert, and Burgess, James is a book about Buddhist art and history developed in India.

  • Sacred Arts of Tibet – Art from the Roof of the World

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    Sacred Arts of Tibet – Art from the Roof of the World is a free ebook prepared and edited by Deborah Clearwaters and Robert W. Clark, Ph.D. based on research by Terese Tse Bartholomew and other authors.

  • Vessantara – A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra

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    A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra is a fascinating insight into a subject written by Vessantara, is a senior member of the Western Buddhist Order.

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

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    The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga is free ebook written by Drs. Chopra and Simon. This book is A practical guide to healing body, mind, and spirit. This book contains the philosophy of yoga, meditation and breathing, yoga practice and so

  • Depression For Dummies

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    Depression for Dummies is free ebook written by Laura L. Smith and Charles H. Elliott. This book contains topic like demystifying and defeating depression, detecting depression, breaking barriers to change, discovering depression- driven thinking, breaking up the dark clouds of

  • Living Vegan For Dummies

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    Living Vegan For Dummies is a free ebook about vegans, written by Alex Jamieson. This book included “Vegan” at the beginning, building a healthy vegan diet, sticking to your guns: Staying vegan, tasting is believing: vegan recipes, living vegan in the real

  • Meditation For Dummies

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    This is a free ebook. Meditation For Dummies is written by Stephan Bodian. This book is about Meditation. This book Includes what meditation is, and what isn’t, why to meditate, where meditation comes from, laying the foundation, how your