White Tara

One of the well known female Buddhas in the Tibetan tradition is White Tara.
She is the Buddha of Long Life and sometimes appears together with Amitayus and Ushnisha Vijaya. The three of them are known as the Long Life Trinity.

White Tara is also known as Sita Tara. White Tara is the protective, helpful and comforting mother who shows limitless kindness, generosity and protection towards those who are tossed in the ocean of suffering, and if we recite her mantra and make a connection to her, we draw closer to developing her enlightened qualities in ourselves.

Ultimately, she is the very nature of the Dharmakaya the ultimate nature or essence of the enlightened mind, which is uncreated, free from the limits of conceptual elaboration, empty of inherent existence, naturally radiant, beyond duality and spacious like the sky. Her practice is a means for attaining liberation.

Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Mamaayuh Punya Janan Pustim Kuru Svaha is the mantra of White Tara.

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