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  • Wheel of Life Thangka Painting
    ( 46 x 61 cm )

    From $209

    The Wheel of Life is a traditional representation of the samsaric cycle of existence illustrating the essence of the Four Truths of the Buddhism, the existence of earthly suffering, its origin, and cause, the practice path to liberation from suffering and its ending.

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  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

    From $0

    The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga is free ebook written by Drs. Chopra and Simon. This book is A practical guide to healing body, mind, and spirit. This book contains the philosophy of yoga, meditation and breathing, yoga practice and so

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  • The Wheel of Life: Bhava-Chakra
    ( 30 x 40 cm )

    From $129

    The Wheel of life (Sanskrit: bhava-chakra, Tibetan: srid pa’ikhor lo) painting is primarily a representation of the round rebirth and the various levels of sufferings within the round

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  • Buddha Shakyamuni
    ( 41 x 55 cm )

    From $159

    Shakyamuni Buddha Scenes from the Buddhas life illustrate the twelve major acts of a Buddha, as well as his interactions with members of the Sangha; scenes from the Jatakas, or birth stories, recall events in the Buddhas past lives

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  • Karmapa
    ( 28 x 33 cm )

    5.00 out of 5
    From $99

    Karmapa is the king of Victor and formally he is known as the head of Karma. This painting portraits Tsongkhapa while meditating.


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  • Wheel Of Life
    ( 66 x 91 cm )

    From $109

     The Wheel of Life is a presentation of Buddhist teaching on the suffering and is cyclic in form.   Essentially it is a metaphysical diagram made up of four concentric circles, held with a firm grip by Yama.

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