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The leading micro businesses in Nepal

There has been an of micro-sized industries in past decade and they have played the vital role in ’s economy.  One of the prevalent and famous micro-business in Nepal is the . It is easy to set up these as people with limited skills can easily start a micro business from their own home. Cottage industry normally produces handmade products which can attract a lot of tourists. Although the of goes back to 5th/6th century, here we are going to brief about existing handicrafts business that has been popular in Nepal.


With no doubt,  has been the most sold handcrafted product till date in Nepal. Though its market has slightly begun to fluctuate in comparison to last decade, pashmina is always the major tourist attraction. Pashmina is ready after combing (removing impurities and guard hair and aligning fibres) and , to and giving a final touch is entirely carried out by hand by specialized craftsmen and women.

Byabasayik Krishi Sahakari, an agriculture corporate started the processing of wool in Nepal. The pashmina made out of fibres of Chyangra mountain goats of the Nepalese are quite famous in Nepali market.  Pashmina from Nepal is gaining huge popularity in in Europe, USA, and all over the world.

Mandala paintings

Mandala in Nepal are specially made by living around the  and valleys nearer to it. The tradition of making is derived from the tradition. and nuns statying in the and monasteries started making the paintings as a tribute and respect to their Gautam . This tradition passed on from generation to generation and now it has begun to grow as a micro business.

If you trail towards the hilly areas around Kathmandu valley like , Shivapuri, , Sanga there are people who have started a cottage industry. The group of locals people make mandala paintings in bulk and export to different countries. Mandala paintings are also made by the Newari community of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and portraying their unique and rich . The mandala paintings we see on the street of Thamel are all made by those village people. They are making fair income out of it. Mandala paintings are used especially for , and the purposes.

Wooden Masks

One of the unique item that tourist like to purchase while they are in Nepal. Changu Narayan is a popular place for the wooden . Locals of Changu Narayan make themselves out of softwood and then finally paint them with colours. Each of these masks represents the deities of the .

These Mask Shops has masks in a variety of themes, from the Nepali, clown, African masks, plaques, and even some contemporary style. For those who enjoy expanding their spiritual constructs, these masks will allow you to bring home a bit of Nepali .

Beside wooden masks, there are other crafts made out of such as wooden jewelry and watches, wooden beaded necklaces, herb grinder, boxes, fournitures and other decorative items. I got to see a unique tie made out of wood. It was really soft and flexible like a real tie.

Dhaka Topi and other products

The products made out of Dhaka has a big market in Nepal. The major one is the hat made out of colourful pattern called “Dhaka.” represents the pride of Nepali. Dhaka topi is generally famous in districts like Palpa and Bhojpur district of Nepal. The founder of the of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar announced March 1 as the Dhaka topi Day in  celebrated by Indian . Dhaka tipi day is also celebrated internationally on January 1 as a motive to promote Nepali culture and tradition.

There are different other kinds of Dhaka products like Dhaka Sari, Dhaka Swal. Dhaka Sari is specially made in the eastern region of Nepal. Terathum, Taplejung are the big wholesalers of the Dhaka Sari and Swal.

Palpali Dhaka is also famous for its kind. The wide range of Dhaka products made in Palpa is exported to many countries.

Metal Crafts

Metal Crafts are generally the ornaments that we see outside the temples and the roads of Thamel. The authentic metal earrings, wristband, necklaces are made by ethnic people residing in the valley.

They also make metal statues of Buddha and other . Others are Khukuri and different Nepali . These handicrafts are creating employment opportunity for the locl people.

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