Mandala Home Decor

Mandala Home Decors are the home decorative products that are evolved with the concept of the mandala. In the present context, everyone likes the idea of mandala including the child, adult, and the elderly people. The concept of mandalas is used in the different field. The some of the most used concept mandala are listed below: Mandala curtain Mandala wall hanging  Mandala wall painting Mandala beach mat or yoga mat Mandala  Stencil Mandala Floor Pillow Covers .

The leading micro businesses in Nepal

There has been an expansion of micro-sized industries in past decade and they have played the vital role in Nepal’s economy.  One of the prevalent and famous micro-business in Nepal is the cottage industry. It is easy to set up these as people with limited skills can easily start a micro business from their own home. Cottage industry normally produces handmade products which can attract a lot of tourists. Although the history of handicrafts goes back .

Highest Price Mandala – Rakta Yamari worth $45 million

How much is the highest price of the mandala you have heard? $2000 or $100000 or few more? But there has been a record that a mandala was sold for $45 million. The tapestry is the artwork from China. How was mandala sold? In the year 2014, there was an auction held in Hongkong for the mandalas and different other artworks. The tapestry was sold to a Shanghai tycoon for $45 million (HK$348 million) at .

Himalayan Masks From The Land Of Mountain

Himalayan masks are used in Hinduism, Buddhism, by the tribal group of Mountain and Himalayan Region of Nepal. Masks are generally used for reaching the altered state of the consciousness called Shamanism and for exorcism practice. These handcrafted masks represent the unique culture and traditions of the people residing in the Himalayan people. Walking along the Art Galleries around Thamel, Kathmandu, one can find the wide variety of the Himalayan masks. These masks are originally made .

What Tattoo Artists say about Tibetan Thangka Art?

The art of Thangka painting and the tattoo seems to be parallel. As a thangka painting tells a thousand-year-old story, so does the tattoo. Both have pretty artistic expression. These days most of the tattoo artists have been referring Thangka paintings to make tattoos so that they might give some life lessons to the viewers. Here’s an article by Heidi Minx that portrays the connection between Thangka and tattoo, and what other young artists have to say .

How to create your own mandala?

Canvas For painting mandalas, first of all, the symbols, objects, gods, and goddesses are sketched on a canvas. The canvas is usually made up of cotton (from the cotton plant) or linen (from the flax plant) and sometimes hemp (from the cannabis plant). The sketching is done with a black ink or pencil. Outline The mandala outline might be square or circular. After the outline, different shapes like Padma, triangles and concentric circles can .

How to Buy a Mandala?

Few Questions Before Buying Before buying a mandala, one must have a brief knowledge of: How must a mandala painting be? What are the key characteristics and components of a mandala? What are the different types of mandala paintings and significance of each one of them? What is your purpose for buying mandala? Firstly, getting familiar with the different shapes used in the mandalas are important. There is a different kind of mandala available .

Different types of Himalayan handcrafted items

Handcrafts are the speciality of the Himalayan people. They spend most time of their day making different types of handcrafted products out of stone, wood, wools, paintings and many more. Stone Crafts in Nepal dates back to at least two thousand years. Different earpieces, armlets, bracelets, anklets, styles of halos, folds of garments, manners of the sash, and many others are the distinguishing features that classify the variety of art forms found in stone sculptures. Bamboo .

What are the different forms of mandala that exists?

Mandalas are believed to help us in different ways from focus, concentration to enhancing our spiritual growth. Mandalas can be found in varieties of the form including, paper paintings, canvas, tapestry, prints, necklaces and many more. Mandala paintings Mandala paintings are believed to be originated from the Himalayan and Tibetian Region. They are painted mostly by monks residing in the monastery and temples. These paintings are believed to be a great aid for meditation. .

Before painting a mandala

Seeing a mandala painting is so soothing and healing for our mind and body. Have you ever realized painting a mandala can be how much calming? We already know that visualizing and concentrating on the mandala painting can give us immense focus and centralization. Now it’s time to make our own mandala painting and see how much meditative it is. Making mandala itself is an art of meditation. Shapes and symbols First of all, you .