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Hindu refers to any person who regards themselves as culturally, ethnically, or religiously adhering to aspects of .

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Explaining Ganapati Thangka – the Great Red Lord of Hosts

Ganapati is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the pantheon. Ganapati is also known as the Great Red Lord of Hosts. The Viability of the Ganapati In this portion, we are going to grab about the viability of the Ganapati. After that, we will learn about the short etymological description of  Ganapati itself. Eventually, we will highlight about Spiritual power of the Ganapati. Etymology of the Ganapati The meaning of .
Statue of Sahasrabhuja Avalokitesvara with Coral Torquise and Lapis and Metal Setting

God of Compassion Avalokitesvara

is a who uses to embodies the of all . He is one of the more widely revered who helps in mainstream . In and its sphere of cultural influence, Avalokitesvara is often depicted in an also female form known as Guan Yin. Avalokitesvara is also known as referred to as or . In , Avalokitesvara is said to be as and is said to be .

Depicting Dhritarashtra Thangka

In , Dhritarashtra is known as yul khor srung. Dhritarashtra is also known as the Guardian of the Eastern Direction. He is the of the Gandharva – celestial musicians. History of the Dhritarashtra In the epic Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra who supports and bears the nation is the King of Kuru Kingdom with its capital Hastinapur. He was born to Vichitravirya’s first wife Ambika and was fathered by Veda Vyasa. Dhritarashtra was born blind .
Maitreya Buddha Statue -Gold Painted Face Fire Gold Plating

Future Buddha of this World – Maitreya Buddha

is also known as Metteyya who is presented as a  future of this world in eschatology. In some Buddhist literature, such as the and Sutra, Maitreya is referred to as Ajita . Maitreya is a bodhisattva who in the Buddhist tradition is to appear on , achieve complete , and teach the pure . According to , Maitreya will be a successor of the historic Sakyamuni Buddha, .

Depicting Lama Teacher Gotsangpa Gonpo Dorje

Gotsangpa Gonpo Dorje was the teacher who was born in 1189. From the very beginning, Gotsangpa Gonpo Dorje was fond of and dance. His middle teens he lived as the kind of performance known in those days as a Pagshi. Iconography of the Gotsangpa Gonpo Dorje Gotsangpa Gonpo Dorje was carrying oiled red scepters a who was wearing bird-horn hats that looked rather like Viking helmets.  perhaps more to the point .
Hevajra Mandala

Enlightened Yidam Hevajra

Shri with a blue in color, eight faces, sixteen hands, and four legs. The main face is blue, right white, left red, upper face smoky the two remaining pairs of faces are black. Each face has three eyes and four bared fangs yellow hair flowing upwards; the top of the head is marked with a Vishvavajra. The sixteen hands hold sixteen skullcups. The first right holds a white elephant, the first left .
marichi Thangka

Goddess of Dawn and Light Marichi

The Goddess of the Dawn is depicted in many different . Sometimes rides a white horse through the sky, banishing the darkness and driving back the night with the orb of the in the outstretched right hand. More commonly Marichi is yellow or red in color, with one, three or more faces and six to twelve arms, seated on a chariot drawn by seven pigs, or horses, removing all obstacles to  .
singing bowl therapy

All you need to know about Singing Bowls

singing are a mysterious combination of , science, , and sound an connection for humanity. This rich mesh of qualities makes for many different paths of enjoyment. of Singing Bowls Singing bowls also known as , , DhoniPatra(sound, vessel), and suzu gongs are used for , healing purpose, sound , purpose, sound yoga, sound meditation with chantings, which have great medicinal and used .

Depicting Ancient Sridevi Thangka (Dudsolma)

Shri wrathful with one face and four hands holding upraised a sword, a skullcup to the heart, a peg dagger and a trident, riding atop a mule. At the top center is the form of Shri and . Shri Devi is a category of deity. Her primary function is as a protector () and specifically the primary female Protector of and . There are dozens .
Dorje Neljorma

Vajrayogini Dakini – Origin, Lineages and Iconography

is a deity who is also called as in , or , a tradition in which she is considered the supreme deity more revered than any male . She represents the path leading to female . She is also a , a term that describes a female supernatural being or an accomplished , and is considered the queen of the dakinis. Her name comes from the , , which means “diamond” .