14 cm Shakyamuni buddha statue


14 cm Shakyamuni Buddha statue  is made in Nepal by the process of ceramic molding system using copper material.

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14 cm Shakyamuni Buddha statue is made in Nepal by the process of ceramic molding system using copper material. The weight of this statue is 0.842 kg and dimension is 14 x 9 x 6 cm.

Weight 842 Grams
Size 14 x 9 x 6 cm
Material Copper

Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra

The mantra of Shakyamuni is Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha.

Iconography of Shakyamuni

His left hand is in the lap holding a begging bowl while the right arm is extended across the leg with the fingers touching the earth.

His skin is golden in color, the eyes partially closed and the hair piled with a gold ornament adorning the top of the head.

A dot (bindi or “urna”) between the eyebrows and the earlobes is elongated and pierced. The shoulders are covered with an orange and red robe wrapped around the torso and legs and tied at the waist with a green sash.

Statue Finishing and Making process

There are different types of statue finishing in traditional statue making process. This statue of Shakyamuni Buddha has stone setting finishing.

Stone Setting Finishing

Semi Precious stones like turquoise, Coral, and Lapis etc. are cut in beautiful pattern and glued on the surface of the Shakyamuni buddha statue.

Ceramic Molding Process

This statue of Shakyamuni Buddha has been made by the Ceramic mold casting Process, also known ambiguously as ceramic molding.

This is a modern approach to our traditional way of casting statues by process of Loss wax system or the Rubber molding system. Besides making the mold.

This statue is 100% hand-finished in Nepal, unlike the common assumption. Also, it is 100% made in the famous city of Patan.

The main advantages of ceramic molds are reusable, excellent surface finish, close dimensional tolerances, thin cross-sections, and intricate shapes can be cast.

For undercuts and other difficult to cast features, part of the pattern can be made from wax in conjunction with a standard pattern, essentially using investment and ceramic mold casting techniques together.

The main disadvantages is it is only cost effective for small- to medium-sized production runs and the ceramic is not reusable. Ferrous and high-temperature non-ferrous are most commonly cast with these processes other materials cast include: aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, and zinc alloys.




Additional information

Weight 0,842 kg
Dimensions 9 × 14 cm
Spiritual focus





Statue Finishing

Stone settings


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