Counch shell carving bowl


Jambati Singing Bowl with Counch Shell Carving Carving is 0.808 kg with 16.5 x 9 cm diameter. It has fine carvings of Counch Shell inside it.


Counch shell carving bowl is 0.808 kg with 16.5 x 9 cm diameter. The bowl has carving of counch shell in the center and om mane mantra arround it.

Weight 808 Grams
Size 16.5 x 9 cm
Material Bronze

Accessories and Sound Check

A felt hitting mallet and cushion will be included in the package. If you want to be certain about the sound of the bowls you are buying, please ask us for Sound Check Request of the Singing Bowls.

We’ll send you a videos of Bowls playing. We will transmit the highest quality sound.


Additional information

Weight 0,808 kg
Dimensions 9 × 16,5 cm


Spiritual focus

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