Dipankara Buddha Statue


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Dipankara Buddha Statue is made in Nepal by master statue artists. The weight of the statue is 5.438 kg and the size is 43 x 15 x 23cm.

The material used to make this statue is Copper. Dipankara is one of the Buddhas of the past who is said to have lived on Earth for one hundred thousand years. Dipankara Buddha is one of the Buddhas of Bamyan.

Dipankara Buddha is destroyed by the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001 was supposed to depict Dipankara. Dipankar statues can also be seen in China’s Longmen and Yungang Grottoes.

Dipankara Buddha Mantra

The Dipankara Buddha mantra is Om Pra Mani Dani Svaha.


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Weight 5.438 kg
Dimensions 15 × 43 cm


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