Dorje sempa statue
Dorje sempa statue
Dorje sempa statue
Dorje sempa statue
Dorje sempa statue

Dorje sempa statue


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Dorje sempa statue is made in Nepal by the process of Lost-wax system using copper material. The size of this statue is 23*15 cm and its weight is 1.65 kg.

Weight 1650 Grams – 3.64 lbs
Size 23*15 cm (9*6 inch)
Material Copper

Iconography of Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva is often referred to as the Prince of Purity due to his white hue. His title, which translates to “Adamantine Being” or “Embodying Reality”, reflects his spiritual essence.

He is a member of the Vajra family of Aksobhya which also includes Vajrapani. He is depicted as a young man in the prime of life, with all the silks and jewels of a wealthy prince.

He holds a vajra in his right hand, delicately balanced at his heart, and a bell in his left hand near his waist. The vajra is said to symbolize Reality and Compassion, while the bell stands for Wisdom. It is thought that Vajrasattva was born from the sound of Hum and is usually summoned to get rid of any Kleshavarana and Jneya Avarana blocks.

His hundred syllable mantra is very efficacious in purifying our defilements through confession practice. It is said if confession is done with the four opponent powers, then non-virtuous actions or obscurations will be purified.

The first opponent power is the force of reliance. This means looking upon the visualized image of Vajrasattva as the embodiment of one refuge. The second opponent power is the sincere regret for the non-virtuous action done by oneself.

The third opponent’s strength is to abstain from bad behavior, while the fourth is to actively engage in virtuous activities, specifically in this situation, engaging in Vajrasattva meditation and recitation while maintaining a state of emptiness and cultivating Bodhicitta.

Vajrasattva is highly revered by Nepalese Vajracharya and is frequently venerated by Nepalese Buddhists through the Guru Mandala ceremony.

In certain mandalas, Vajrasattva is depicted as the Adi Buddha or the Primordial Principle of Buddhahood, while in other mandalas he is swapped out for Aksobhya in the East.

In Shingon Buddhism, Vajrasattva is the one who bestows upon Nagarjuna the initiation of the Dharmakāya Buddha Mahāvairocana, thus establishing the Vajrayana lineage.

Vajrasattva Mantra

The mantra of Vajrasattva is Om Vajrasattva Hum.


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