Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl
Moon Buddhist bowl

Moon Buddhist bowl


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This singing bowl is crafted from seven components of bronze and has a diameter of 13 cm (5 inches) and a height of 6 cm (2 inches). It weighs 0.438 kg (0.97 lbs).

Weight 438 gm – 0.97 lbs
Size 13*6 cm (5*2 inch)
Material Seven Metal Bronze

Accessories and Sound Check

If you would like to confirm the sound of the bowls you are buying, please reach out to us so that we can provide a sound test with the mallet and cushion that come with the package.

Full moon singing bowls

These special singing bowls are created in the Himalayas on a full moon evening each month. Carefully chosen for their potential to bring healing vibrations, they are used for meditation and sound therapy. The energy of the moon is thought to enhance their therapeutic effects.

The use of full moon singing bowls has been shown to have several positive effects, such as increased coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain, decreased stress levels, and a balancing effect on the body’s energy, which can lead to improved creativity and concentration.

Hand Beaten Moon Bowl Making Process

The process of creating a bronze singing bowl has been around for a long time and involves many stages. It begins with combining copper and tin to form an alloy, which is then melted and poured into a mold. An experienced artisan then hammers and shapes the bowl to achieve the desired sound and tone. Finally, the bowl is polished and can be decorated with symbols or designs that are significant in Buddhism or Hinduism.

The use of handmade bronze singing bowls for healing, relaxation, and chakra balancing is rooted in the idea that sound can have a profound impact on the body and mind. When played, these bowls create a rich, harmonic tone which is said to stimulate the chakras and bring balance back to the body’s energy centers. It is believed that the vibrations generated by the singing bowl can help to soothe the mind, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, making them an effective tool for meditation and mindfulness practices.

It has been suggested that the vibrations created by handmade bronze singing bowls can be advantageous for physical and mental health, as they can help to reduce stress, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Consequently, using these bowls could be a great way to enhance one’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

7 Metals and their respective planetary associations

  1. Gold – Sun
  2. Silver – Moon
  3. Copper – Venus
  4. Iron – Mars
  5. Tin – Jupiter
  6. Mercury/Quicksilver – Mercury
  7. Lead (Saturn)

The seven metals used to craft singing bowls each possess a deep connection to alchemy.



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