Painting Consecration

Painting Consecration


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Mandalas Life is pleased to offer Consecration ritual of the Paintings as per request.

In the Buddhist tradition, consecration is considered essential for any sacred implement used for meditation or devotional practice.

Consecration is a ceremonial process of blessing the Paintings by Monk or Lama.

Consecration ritual for painting is available for all of our thangkas and mandalas upon request.

Consecration serves to “awaken” the painting and is considered essential for any sacred image used for meditation or devotional practice.

The consecration is performed as such:

  1. After your painting is done we bring it to a monastery together with your picture to perform the ritual.
  2. The materials such as the tightly rolled strips of paper containing the mantras, the incense, the chhoksing, rice, the medicinal and purifying herbs etc are collected to perform this ceremony.
  3. The consecration ceremony is held with Lamas or Monks in an auspicious day by purifying the thangkas and Mandalas with perfume and incense.
  4. The painting will be inscribed with holy mantras and consecrated by a qualified Lama or Monks from the Buddhist monastery.
  5. We ship the painting to you.

The full video of the consecration ceremony will be provided.

If you have any question please use the Contact Form or request a quote.





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