Top 15 Tibetan Herbs used for Healing

combine the holistic principles of and the bounty of the with the philosophical and spiritual beliefs of the faith.

The medicinal practice helps one to maintain a sense of balance between the and as well as the balance of the entire organism with the .

According to this science, illnesses readily occur when a disruption in this balance arises.

Top 15 Tibetan Herbs

  1. Calcitum (Calcite) is used for diarrhea, digestive system disorders and as an important ingredient for rejuvenation & bone fracture.
  2. Veronica ciliata (Speedwell) is used against the excess of impure blood and hotness disorders of the blood, liver and gall bladder.
  3. Punica granatum (Pomegranate) restores weak digestive heat, corrects indigestion and loss of appetite, and it is used for all of coldness related disorders and stress disorders of the lungs.
  4. Elettaria cardamomum (Smaller cardamom) is used for renal disorders, stress disorders and digestive system associated imbalances, polyuria and degenerative digestive heat.
  5. Holarrhena antidysenterica (Coneru) is used against hotness disorder of the gall bladder and stops dysentery.
  6. Saussurea lappa (Costus) balances stress and blood disorders, distension, amenorrhea, diphtheria, pulmonary disease and heals wounds.
  7. Terminalia chebula (Chebulic myrobalan) is used for disorders of stress, hotness and digestive systems, such as diarrhea, chronic lung and kidney diseases, hoarseness of the voice and common cold. Piper nigrum (Black pepper) is used for dysfunctions of the liver and stomach, indigestion, anorexia and loss of body heat.
  8. Herpetospermum caudgerum (Balsam apple) is used against excess secretion of bile, hotness disorders of the stomach and intestine. Its bark is effective against hemorrhoids.
  9. Inula racemosa (Elecampane) relieves stress and blood combined disorders, upper backache, chronic digestive system disorders, and unripened contagious inflammation.
  10. Saxifraga pasumensis (Saxifrage) is used for balancing hotness disorders of the liver, gall bladder and against blood and hotness disorders.
  11. Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sandalwood) is used against the proliferation of impure blood, hotness disorders of the blood, blood and stress disorders associated with imbalances and subsides swelling.
  12. Mineral exudate (Mineral pitch) is used for gastritis, hepatitis, nephritis, intestinal colitis, a chronic digestive disorder, gout, ophthalmic disease, edema and debility.
  13. Emblica officinalis (Emblic myrobalan) is used for digestive system and hotness combined disorders, decreases impure blood, hotness, and blood associated inflammation, polyuria, and hair loss.
  14. Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea buckthorn) is beneficial for balancing diseases of the lungs, blood coagulation and blood cysts and digestive system diseases.
  15. Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) is used for a chronic hepatic-gastro-intestinal disease, characterized by a simultaneous combination of stress, hotness, digestive system and blood disorders, dyspepsia, anorexia, and thirst.

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