Prevention of rLungs Diseases by Tibetan method

is very basically associated with the and energy from the perspective. Many of the illnesses classified as “psychosomatic” in the West have a strong rLung character.

Although wind is generally cool and is therefore related to “cold” diseases, its flexibility is also capable of fanning the .

As a result, it is a contributing factor to many illnesses. Although the bodily energies are always present in the entire , the main location of rLung is in the heart, as well as in the lower portion of the body.

Characteristics of rlung Disease

  • Pulse: empty and floating, with changing rate or skipped beats
  • Urine: clear and bluish, with large bubbles and no steam, sediment, or smell
  • Tongue: dry, reddish and rough
  • Mental and nervous factors: vertigo, irritability, insomnia, sighing and yawning
  • The surface of the body: chills, cracked , a sensation of being bound, goosebumps, pain on wearing clothes, and a feeling of the skin being torn away
  • Neuromuscular symptoms: cramps in the extremities, impaired flexion or extension of the limbs, soreness as of beaten up, and frequent
  • Pain: in the neck, chest, or , diffused or intermittent pain, sharp pain on moving, and pain on the wind point
  • Other indications: astringent taste in the mouth, tinnitus, lassitude, nausea without vomiting, abdominal rumble, and flatulence

Aggravation of the above occurs in the early , late afternoon, and after digestion.

Preparation Of Tibetan Medicine for rlung

For diseases aggravated by the rlung which is very common in old age this process is recommended.

Ingredients for Chudlen for rlung

The method of preparation and use is as follows:

  • Peel of the outer covering of garlic and add to clean alcohol
  • Keep it overnight
  • Add till Mar (buttermilk) and whey
  • Take early in the morning on an empty stomach
  • After that, take milk, butter and made up of meat such as chicken, yak, sheep etc

Alternative preparation

natively, boil the garlic and make it into a paste and add butter. Put this paste into clean alcohol and keep it in the airtight container for 21 days. Take one spoon every morning on empty stomach for 21 days. People with rlung disorders will feel better and it will also prolong the life.






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