Thangka of 21 Taras
Thangka of 21 Taras

Thangka of 21 Taras


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Thangka of 21 Taras is handpainted by Master Thangka Artist in Nepal. Green Tara is in the center of the Thangka with other Taras.

Tara is the supreme female energy. She is Guan Yin, the Madonna, the mother of all the Buddhas! She is beautiful, strong, fearless; she makes our good qualities bloom and brings both worldly success and spiritual progress. She is the true WonderWoman!

21 Taras symbolize the various different qualities of her holy body, speech, and mind, and the “Praises to the Twenty-One Taras”, the golden verses painted onto the thangka, express those marvelous qualities and pay homage to them.

Each of the 21 Taras has a special power to help us: to grant long life, prosperity, relationship harmony, to protect us from jealousy, anger, sickness, and troublemakers.


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