Stephan Bodian

Stephan Bodian is an internationally known author, psychotherapist, and teacher. He leads regular intensives and retreats and offers spiritual counseling and mentoring to people throughout the world. Stephan Bodian has been practicing and teaching meditation for more than 30 years. His workshops on meditation and self-realization are offered through Omega Institute and other learning centers, and his articles on meditation and related themes appear regularly in national magazines. From 1984 to 1994 he was editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal, an award-winning the magazine devoted to yoga, meditation, and holistic health. His books include Timeless Visions, Healing Voices, a collection of interviews of prominent visionaries and healers; Living Yoga (with Georg Feuerstein), an anthology of articles from Yoga Journal; and Buddhism For Dummies (with Jon Landaw), a comprehensive, user-friendly introduction to one of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

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