A Lord Buddha is a very holy person in Buddhism. The word Buddha means “enlightened one” in Sanskrit. Buddha was born Siddhartha Gautama. He was the man who started Buddhism. Sometimes people call him “the Buddha”. Other times, people call any person a Buddha if they have found enlightenment.

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  • Buddha Vairochana Thangka
    ( 49 x 62 cm )


    Buddha Vairochana is regarded as one of the five Dhyani Buddha in Nepalese-Tibetan Buddhism.

  • 35 Buddha Thangka Painting from Nepal
    ( 55 x 70 cm )


    Thangka of 35 Buddhas depicts 35 Buddhas. Each one of these 35 Buddhas has at the same time the capacity to eliminate negative actions and obstacles to the practice of Dharma.