Chenrezig Thangkas

Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion.

When Buddhists define compassion, it is believed that Chenrezig is the embodiment of boundless loving-kindness and compassion.

Every person whose heart is moved by love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of another person, animal or part of the natural world without concern for fame, profit, social position or recognition expresses the activity of Chenrezig.

Love and compassion are the true signs revealing the presence of Chenrezig.

Chenrezig may be the most popular of all Buddhist deities, except for Buddha himself, he is beloved throughout the Buddhist world. He is known by different names in different lands: as Avalokiteshvara in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, as Kuan-yin in China, as Kannon in Japan. (Chenrezig is his name in the Tibetan language.)

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