Standing White Tara

Standing White Tara is usually seen in varada Mudra with two bodhisattvas in the button of the thangka embarrassing the White Tara’s beauty.

White Tara embodiment of peace directed through loving compassion. From her serenity, she lends grace and dignity to situations and encourages the good to arise in all circumstances and situations.

She perpetuates the Four Measureless States of a. Loving Kindness [Skt. Metta] b. Compassion [Skt. Karuna] c. Sympathetic Joy [Skt. Mudita].

Equanimity {fairness & tolerance} [Skt. Upekka] with reference to the past present and future circumstances. She also helps bestow longevity.

The practice of White Tara is basically performed in order to attain prolonged life as well as for healing purpose.

It is said that because Arya Tara is the collective manifestation of the enlightened activity of all Buddhas, her Sadhana is easily accomplished.

Reciting her mantra merely a thousand times brings good luck and causes aversion of hindrances.

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