Geen Tara Gold Plated Statue
Geen Tara Gold Plated Statue
Geen Tara Gold Plated Statue

Geen Tara Gold Plated Statue


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Geen Tara Gold Plated Statue is handmade in Patan Nepal. This Green Tara statue’s face has been painted with gold.

For a Buddhist practitioner, this is a very important feature to have in their idol of worship as before Consecrating the statue it always recommended by Teacher and lamas to have the eyes of the statue opened.

Painting face of the statue is also referred to as Opening Eye in our commonly used language.

Weight 0.140 Kg
Height 7.62 cm
Material Copper

Green Tara’s right hand is depicting the Varada “gift-giving” mudra. This venerable mudra indicates that she is always ready to assist in sentient life. As a further indication of her dedication, her right leg is partially extended. Indeed, Green Tara is always ready to spring forth and assist her devotees.

Furthermore, her left hand is depicting the protection mudra, also known as the “Abhaya” mudra. She encourages her devotees to be fearless and to go forth and try new things. Green Tara wants her followers to be free from dogmatic beliefs and embrace her versatile attributes.


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