Gold Plated offering Bowls


Gold Plated offering Bowls are hand-carved with a stand. It comes in 7 pieces set with a dimension of 10*6.5 cm.


Gold Plated offering Bowls are handmade in Nepal. It comes in 7 pieces set with a dimension of 10*6.5 cm.

These bowls, which come in a set of seven, can be used to offer clean water, the eight sensory objects, the five commitment substances, and other items.

The practice of water offering, in particular, is one of the simplest ways to produce merits for our spiritual practice’s success. Because water is widely regarded as abundant and freely available, there is no sense of loss when it is offered.

This increases our generosity, allowing us to offer additional substances as freely as water in the future. The practice of giving offerings to the Three Jewels signifies the surrender of our inner desires and attachments to tangible goods in this way.

Weight 1160 Grams
Size 10 x 6.5 cm
Material Copper


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Weight 1,16 kg
Dimensions 6,5 × 10 cm



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