Green tara with Pancha Buddha Traditional Art


Green tara with Pancha Buddha Traditional Art is hand-painted and is painted on Cotton Canvas in Kathmandu Nepal. The size of this thangka is 75*52 cm (30*20 inch) and its weight is 0.2 kg (0.44 lbs).

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This Green Tara with Pancha Buddha artwork is hand-painted on a Cotton Canvas in Kathmandu, Nepal. It has dimensions of 75*52 cm (30*20 inch) and is 0.2 kg (0.44 lbs) in weight.

Two figures of deities are depicted in the lower corners of the artwork, with Pancha Buddha positioned above Green Tara at the top.

Weight 200 gm – 0.44 lbs
Size 75*52 cm (30*20 inch)
Material Cotton Canvas & Natural Color

Iconography of Green tara

Green Tara is depicted in the middle of the painting with a kind expression. She is sitting on a white moon disk, which is linked to a special healing nectar connected to the naval chakra center. In Buddhism, the moon stands for the wisdom aspect, which when combined with compassion, leads to the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Her right hand is delicately lowered in Varda mudra, a gesture that bestows blessings.

Green Tara is often depicted with a blue lotus, also known as the ‘night lotus’, in both of her hands. Utpala is a word which means to ‘burst open’, and the flower she holds in her left hand is an example of this; it has an open bloom and an unopened bud, with the bent lower part of the stem representing the root.

The open flower symbolizes the current moment and the existing Buddha, while the bud symbolizes the future and Buddhas yet to come. This future also implies a safe destination and a prosperous future. Her right hand is raised in a gesture of providing protection.

The thumb and third finger come together to form a circle, signifying the unity of wisdom and compassion, while the other three fingers extended outward represent the Three Jewels of Buddhism: The Buddha State, The Body of teachings, and The Principles of the Universe.

The same hand holds the stem of a blue lotus representing her willingness to assist. The closed blossom in her right hand represents the past and also the Buddhas of the past. Green Tara is shown in a place of paradise called Khadiravani where Tara dwells. Khadiravani is depicted as a majestic mountain kingdom, adorned with lush trees, vibrant flowers, and animals with colorful tails radiating from its outer aura. The crescent moon and sun signify the unifying power of both genders, which is often seen in Tantric artwork.

Mantra of Green Tara

The mantra of Green Tara is om tare tuttare ture soha.


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