Nagarjuna Magasuddhi Statue

Nagarjuna Magasuddhi Statue


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Nagarjuna Magasuddhi  Statue is handmade in Nepal with party Silver Plated and partly chocolate color oxidized.

This oxidation is imitation a copper statue aged more than 100 years. This color has not been painted on the statue so the patina will not wear off easily, This patina comes to the statue by artificial oxidation process which will also protect the statue from natural oxidation.

Weight 1200 grams
Size 23 x 17 x 13cm
Material copper

Nagarjuna was the greatest Buddhist philosopher and mastered all the sciences and especially Magic art. He is said to have acquired Siddhi by which he magic power he obtained the Rainbow body and was thus able to come invisibly at will and transport himself from one place to another by a supernatural power.

According to Buddhist texts, Shyakmuni predicated the rebirth of his disciple Anand under the name of Nagarjuna founder of the Mahayana System.


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