Explanation about Mandalas and Thangkas

Explanation about Mandalas and Thangkas

” the word is derived from the Sanskrit language, its literal meaning is pious or a saint or magic wheel. paintings are well known and taught in universities in early stages. The mandala was a symbolic creation of a temple of the Almighty from a long return. The design of mandala painting contains a complex and comprehensive literature, and it allows a student to learn a particular way of tantras.

Many psychologists conclude that any drawing, painting or any other of art reflects feelings and thoughts of a human being. The drawing or wheels directly reflects the ideas of the center. Also, feelings can be judged by these drawings. Many psychologists believe that a mandala is a person who had been driven by a fresh and strong emotion. He had a huge potential procedure, which has made this work of art, as a first step. Mandala estimated that the total personality of a person is its individuation.

The attention to the wheels or unconsciously circles can improve the speed of growth and reasoning of a person. Mandala paintings are created by a feeling of coming into contact with oneself. The table is created during the course of meditation. Mandala painting can be created at best while listening to soft music or listening to a chattering of birds in an area of silence. In principle, these are the sources of meditation and this is the right place where the mandala painting is created.

A mandala is a traditional painting and teaching spiritual . Basically, it is a tool to heal and also a work of art, which is created by staining sand. The process of the mandala is the hand-sketched design on a flat surface or on a platform after a ritual of prayer and blessing of a deity. The layout design on the sand surface is colored according to its choice. In the process of developing these painting, sand is poured by the through a metal funnel to create this work of art. It is necessary that the sand is uniformly dropped on the surface. This is done with the help of the funnel and meditations say Dhyana.

Mandala Painting

The painting of sand prepared, it is placed on exhibition to reflect on mandala learns to turn its symbolism. In a day or two at the closing ceremony of the exhibition is held, where the sand is collected in a specific order and kept in a container. The container in JAR form is said to be blessed and a portion of sand sent to the city mandala, instead of creating the mandala. The rest of sand is plunged into a river, with the intention that the sand blessed be merged into seawater to treat everyone.

People create their own painting. It is not necessary to be Buddhist to create a work of art if it is a ritual of Buddhist art. The materials needed to create this art of fine sand, edible, color, painting and spoon, a funnel. A funnel is made of tube-shaped everything. To settle the sand evenly, a sort of shake device is used for the rough surface of the funnel.

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