Support for Meditation – Kalachakra Mandala

Support for Meditation – Kalachakra Mandala

is a complex practice from the highest class of , anuttarayoga. More than just providing a profound method for overcoming the detrimental effects of compulsive and attaining enlightenment to benefit all others. This one of the most popular Tibetan . Considered a very useful painting by many established practitioners it has become extremely popular in the West. Used by the Dalai Lama in many of his conferences as a support for his initiations, it is usually created by Monks in the form of a Sand Mandala. It can be considered a simple “diagram” of the basic principles and structures to follow when Meditating.

A Temple in – Kalachakra

The Mandala of Kalachakra is the aerial view of the Kalachakra Temple, situated in Lhasa and contains 722 Deities, and at its heart on a Lotus flower, a single : Kalachakra. It is a 5 level structure, each level is represented by a square, and each square is set within the other.

The Legend behind the Thangka of the Kalachakra Mandala

The Kalachakra Mandala, come with an interesting legend or history depending on how you look at it. Involving the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama. Legend has it that Shuchandra, the king of the mystical Kingdom of Shambala, asked Shakyamuni Buddha for a Tantra or teaching that would allow him to practice without giving up his worldly enjoyments and responsibilities. Much like what we all , a way to keep our comforts and remain faithful to our beliefs and ideals. Buddha then began teaching this to King Shuchandra, who transcribed his teaching into 60,000 verses that became known as the Kalachakra Tantra. It is upon this Tantra that the Mandala was created.

The Three Main Kalachakra

There exists three different Kalachakra, or “bodies” which Buddhist regard as vital to the understanding of life, linking our “being” to the . This very concept that has prompted the Kalachakra Mandala to its current notoriety., offering a simple yet effective way to practice dharma and more importantly compassion.

External Kalachakra  This can be considered as the basic sciences: Astrology, , and Mathematics

Internal Kalachakra  The structure of the human body and it’s Energy System which is known as Chakras.

Other Kalachakra  The and practice of the Kalachakra which leads us from our ordinary state to the state of Buddha-hood or Enlightenment.

5 Level support for Meditation

Each of the 5 levels, or Mandalas if you will, represents a different “initiation” or support for Meditation. Starting from the outermost Mandala and finishing in the lotus center.

Mandala of the Enlightened Body Mandala of the Enlightened Speech. Mandala of the Enlightened Mind. Mandala of Enlightened . – Lotus flower center.

The purpose of these 5 Mandalas is to create a visual support for Meditation and what is to be achieved, perhaps even how to achieve it. One may wonder how exactly to penetrate into the Mandala, and therefore begin the slow yet steady journey towards Enlightenment. This information is extremely complex and even I could not allow myself to teach anyone the practice of Kalachakra, scholars, and monks spend years if not decades, guided by Gurus (teachers) to gain sufficient (merits) that allow them to pass from one Mandala to the next. Each step taken towards the center is considered an achievement.

The 6 elements of the Mandala in our Universe

The 6 elements, may seem a strange concept, as science has it that there are only 4 elements: , , , . accepts the existence of 2 other elements: and wisdom. Although this may seem a strange concept, it is through these 2 elements that a Kalachakra adept is able to meditate on the Kalachakra Tantra.


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