Tibetan carpet with 3 Flower design

Tibetan carpet with 3 Flower design


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Traditional Tibetan carpet with 3 floral design is handmade in Darjeeling. We can see three flower colorful design against a dusky white background and colorful traditional border design.

According to the legend, Padmasambhava emerged from a lotus flower. Lotus stands in Buddhism for purity. The lotus symbol is found in all Buddhist cultures.

The White Tara is always shown with a Lotus on her left shoulder.

The Lotus has variations in its meaning depending on the color that it adopts. And there is furthermore a distinction between the lotus at nigh and during the day. Buddhist symbolism can be quite complex.

There are several steps involved in Tibetan carpet making process. Carpet weaving is traditional occupation of Himalayan people which started many years ago.

Learn more about Traditional Tibetan carpet making process in our blog post.


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