The Largest Tibetan Tiger Carpet ever made in Nepal


The Largest Tibetan Tiger Carpet ever made in Nepal

Life is pleased to introduce the Largest Tiger Carpet to all Tibetan Tiger lovers. The size of the carpet is 335 cm wide and 457 cm long (11*15)ft.

Tibetan Tiger are made in the manner, each design is cut by hand to create a 3-dimensional look that emulates a real tiger .

This Tibetan Tiger Carpet is a and top- rug that conveys the warmth of handmade products.

The Tiger Symbol

The tiger is known to symbolize unconditional confidence and disciplined awareness, , and modesty.  It is associated with confidence, dominance over the forest, and the element.

The diffusion of the tiger motif has been noted among the patterns of Turkestan, Mongolia, and associated with practice.

The Tales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishnan states

“It is not easy to get rid of an illusion. It lingers even after the attainment of . A man dreamt of a tiger. Then he woke and his dream vanished but his heart continues to palpitate.”


History of Tibetan Tiger Carpet

were using the Tibetan Tiget carpet for sleeping and . were specially made by mother upon the birth of a baby girl for Hundreds of years. This carpet and the knowledge of was considered the birth of a girl. The of making dates back to some fifteen hundred years but a typical piece from that date is virtually nonexistent lately.

Many Tibetans believe that meditating on a tiger carpet will protect you from negativity and enhance your meditation practice.

The origins of the tiger rug designs are a bit in the mist like the origins of Tibetan carpet making in general. Mimi Lipton, the editor of the book “The Tiger Rugs of ” says that they were not to be seen outside Tibet until 1979 when the first one was brought to the U.S.A. and bought by the Newark . The theory is that tiger rug designs were reserved for the cloisters and the high nobility.

Most of the Tibetan settled in , others in Northern , and some even in hot southern India. Many of the displaced Tibetans then began to make a living by making carpets.

Tibetan rug or carpet weaving is a traditional craft that has long been used to adorn floors, pillars, beams, walls, and even horse saddles. The special method of knotting is considered unique to this tradition and they are typically made from the wool of the Tibetan highland sheep called Changpel.

To know more about the History of Tibetan Tiger Rug please read our article on the History and origin of Tibetan Carpet Production in Nepal.

Materials for Tibetan Tiger Carpet


Made in the traditional manner, each design is cut by hand to create a 3-dimensional look that emulates a real tiger skin.  They are handmade in Nepal of 100% wool in the traditional handwoven manner with 100 knots per square inch.

Cotton Loom

The loom is the base structure of the carpet which helps to knot the carpet. is used for the loom.

Weavers of the Tibetan Tiger Carpet

These are the beautiful face behind our largest Tibetan Tiger Carpet. It will take 3 months to finish the process for 4 weavers. They are very excited to weave this Large Tibetan Tiger Carpet.

Supriya lama

Supriya is the one on the left of the photo. She is 25 years old. She started weaving carpet in 2017. She is married and has one daughter. Her husband in a private company as a security guard.

Bimala Bal

Bimala on the right of Supriya in the photo. Bimala started weaving carpet in 2016. She is the one introducing Supriya, Sangita, and Rojina to us. She is one of our best weavers. She is 30 years old and very committed to her work. In the she manages to take care of her household work and her kids and in the day she is working in our Carpet factory.

Sanjita Lama

Sanjita is next to Bimala on the left of the photo. She started weaving carpet in 2019. She is also one of our best weavers who is very committed to her work.

Rojina lama

Rojina is on the right of the picture. She is 26 years old and has 2 kids. She making carpets.

She says,

“When I weave the carpet with my friends I feel relaxed. ”

The weaving job is helping her to be busy in the day time when her husband is in office and the kids are in school.

Designing of Tibetan Tiger Carpet in Galaicha software

This is the


Colour Combination of Tibetan Tiger Carpet

The color combination of this Large Tibetan Tiger is very beautiful. The of the tiger is in light orange color with 2 shades of beige and light yellow in the outer body of the Tiger.

The black stripes in the light orange body of the Tiger is making the carpet look like real tiger skin with beautiful details.

The Tiger has Blue eyes and a pink face beige nose.

Graph of the Tibetan Tiger Carpet

This is the graph of the Large Tibetan Tiger carpet where our weavers are weaving the face of the Tiger in the loom.

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