How to create your own mandala?

For , first of all, the , objects, , and are sketched on a canvas. The canvas is usually made up of (from the cotton plant) or (from the flax plant) and sometimes hemp (from the cannabis plant). The is done with a black ink or pencil.


The outline might be square or circular. After the outline, different like , triangles and concentric can be added. The pictures of deities like , , can also be sketched one or multiple depending on the meaning of the mandalas.


After the sketch is final the painting is done with different colours. The selection of colors depends on the meaning or the type of mandala.

The background colors like red, black, oranges are used in most of the mandalas. We can also see different clouds like shape surrounding the corners of the mandala.


If the mandala is used for or meditation purpose the uniform color pattern like blue and white are mostly preferred in this type of painting.


If the mandala is used for religious purpose then colors like red, oranges, white, golden are mostly used. is the mandala used for worshipping Goddesses . Buddha, , Manjushri and other deities are mostly painted in yellowish color.

Representation of Nature

Mandalas like or use colors like: green to represent nature (flowers and trees), (Buddha) wearing red dress. If it is painted by a we usually can find gold coating on top of the painting.

Decorative Purpose

These are the big that are hanged on the wall of the hall and other sophisticated places. To color these mandalas different color combinations are used. Primary colors like red, blue or yellow are used for the background. Mixing of two or more primary colors can be used to paint the circles, flowers and other shapes inside the mandala. Decorative mandala are usually symmetric.

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