Padma, the symbol, its uses in mandala & importance

The  is believed to be the central symbol in the . Out of Eight , the Padma or is chosen because grows in the mud but blossoms without getting tainted, in the same way, the person who has the power of can only reach the .


The enlightenment is also the same process of rising from darkness and shining into a beautiful flower. The enlightenment process is also like a lotus flower.If we closely see a flower, its petals are arranged in the concentric layers, and when the lotus blooms, each petal opens in succession. This gradual blooming of petals has been used as a metaphor to how a human can attain enlightenment.

The ‘PADME’ of the ’ refers to lotus.

The symbol has also a great importance in . Lotus Flower is one of the most popular in Hindu religion. According to the Hindu Legends, Lord is said to be emerging from the navel of Lord sitting on the lotus. The deity of is also seen sitting on the flower.

The Padma uses in

Most of the mandala has a lotus flower at the center. The reason for keeping it in the center is, as viewed from outwards to the center. The utmost form of lies at the center of the mandala, at the Padma.

The mandalas that are used for or some kind of purposes use lotus in them. Here are some of them :

  • Kalacakra Mandala: Kalacakra Mandala uses the Padma at the center of it, and petals are used around the concentric . The central lotus is used for the purpose that after crossing through different life paths, we finally reach the center to reach the enlightenment.
  • : Sri are hanged on the walls of the houses believing that will fill our life with and .
  • Nava  It has a Lotus-centric with a huge flower in the center used for Parameshwara initiation ceremonies.

Importance of the Padma 

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